Is Nyquil Sleep A Good Sleeping Aid?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Studies show that the average adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep each night to be fully functional the following day. That number can vary, based on lifestyle, and some adults may require even more sleep to perform at their peak. If you find it difficult to catch enough zzz’s each night, sleep aids might seem like the perfect solution. Nyquil is a popular choice when it comes to sleeping aids, but is it effective? Is it safe? Get the Nyquil sleep facts before deciding.

Is It Effective?

Nyquil is an over the counter medicine used to treat cold symptoms. It contains a pain reliever, fever reducer, cough suppressant, antihistamine, and sleep aid. The medicine comes in liquid as well as gel capsule form. Because it causes drowsiness, it is recommended that Nyquil only be taken before bed. When used correctly, it can be a fantastic way to relieve cold symptoms and get an individual back on his or her feet when getting over a sickness.

Is It Safe?

When it is used as directed, it’s perfectly safe. The problems arise when it is abused and overused. Many doctors have claimed that using the medicine, even regularly, won’t cause health issues. However, some people are now abusing it. Drinking more than is recommended can cause you to oversleep and leave you with a drowsy feeling when you wake up. The acetaminophen in the medicine can lead to stomach pain and nausea when taken in large quantities. Other ingredients may cause dizziness, increased heart rate, and headaches. Using it as a sleep aid may be a safe short term option, but it is not recommended for long term use because it can lead to an addiction. After a long period of use, you may find that you aren’t able to get to sleep without the use of the medicine. When taking too much Nyquil sleep, you may experience the same effects as when drinking alcohol. For this reason, an addiction can be developed in which the person depends on the medicine for the relief they receive when taking it.

What Is ZzzQuil?

zzzQuil nightime sleep aidZzzQuil is the new Nyquil sleep aid. While it is made by the same company that produces Nyquil, they are not the same product. ZzzQuil is an over the counter sleep aid, but does not contain the active ingredients found in Nyquil that relieves cold symptoms. Zzzquil is not a pain reliever or a cold symptom reducer, just a sleep aid. It has been tested to ensure that it is safe and effective. The company Vicks also says that zzzquil does not contain ingredients to make it habit forming. They also note that the product should not be used every night. While it is effective as an occasional remedy for sleepiness, if someone relies on it every night, they should consult a doctor about underlying causes for not being able to sleep. As with other sleep aids, it should only be taken at bed time and any questions should be discussed with a medical professional.

What Are The Alternatives?

If you decide that taking this medicine is not the right choice for you, you should consider the alternatives. There are many natural solutions for improving sleep habits. First, recognize your need for sleep and add it to your daily schedule. Try to wrap up your day at a reasonable time, take some time to unwind and relax, and get to bed early. If you have a hard time destressing or you find yourself lying in bed with racing thoughts, preventing sleep, consider creating a nighttime ritual. Spend half an hour reading a book in bed before trying to fall asleep. Have a cup of tea to relax you. Find what works for you and stick with it. If you still find yourself unable to get enough sleep at night, consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor to discuss what might be causing the issue.

The first step to getting enough sleep is to understand its importance. There are many benefits to getting the proper amount of sleep each night. It can help to control weight and increase metabolism. It can improve the immune system, helping to prevent disease. It can also improve mood and reduce irritability. Find the routines and habits that work best for you so you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

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